Call our dedicated Admissions team on 01428 744 024 to discuss any patients you think might benefit from our mental health services. Our team will be more than happy to talk you through our referral procedures which will include sending a referral form to you securely for completion.

Please be reassured that we will process all confidential information securely. We would also be pleased to send referral packs with over more specific information regarding our services for the patient, their families and carers, and for the referring team.

Healthcare Professional

St Magnus provides individually determined pathways of care to maximise the patients’ quality of life through helping to maintain functional abilities and optimise both mental and physical health. We are fortunate that we have step down facilities (including Rosemary Park Nursing Home) on site which means that it is possible to plan a relatively seamless recovery care pathway for patients across the site: this enables patients to be managed and cared for in the least restrictive environments to meet their specific care needs.

Healthcare Commissioner

At St Magnus we recognise the need to provide the very best healthcare within a tight budget. We are consistently praised by CQC and the Peer Review of the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the quality of the services we provide. Our transparent pricing policy ensures no surprises. we will not compromise on the quality of care delivered by our expert and experienced MDTs – meaning you can be assured about your decision to place a patient within our services. Call now to find out about space and availability.


We understand how tough the decision is to seek outside help for a loved one and we know this is not a decision taken lightly. We realise that often times the decision to admit your loved one to St Magnus is not your own choice but when you see St Magnus for yourself, you will realise how much we live by our words. The Recovery Care Pathway ensure the best clinical and professional expertise whilst ensuring you are fully aware of the treatment your loved one will receive whilst with the team at St Magnus. During your visits you will see how we continually invest in our facility.




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