Low Secure Unit


At St Magnus we have three wards that provide 33 patients with care in conditions of low security and in appropriate therapeutic environments where optimum multi-disciplinary health care can be delivered depending on each individual patient’s clinical needs.

Patients are admitted from other secure and open hospitals, prisons as well as community placements where their presentations have provided significant challenges in terms of risk management.

Multidisciplinary Teams plan the most appropriate care pathway together with locality care coordinators.

Sycamore Ward
This first floor ward has 9-beds. Patients on our Low Secure Unit are usually admitted through this ward following initial pre admission assessment of their clinical needs. The high staff: patient ratios allow ongoing assessment by multidisciplinary teams in a safe, structured and containing therapeutic environment. Depending on the identified clinical and care needs, individuals are assessed for their suitability for transfer to other wards on the Low Secure Unit or for their suitability for step down to wards in the Locked Recovery Service, also on site.

Willow Ward
Provides 9 beds for patients who suffer from mental illness and/or personality disorder which is also associated with significant cognitive impairment. There are factors likely present which means that their recovery pathways are complicated on account of risk management issues. Willow ward is on the second floor of the unit.

Oak Ward
This is a 15-bedded ward also situated on the second floor. Patients on this ward typically suffer from mental disorders often resistant to treatment and who also have some degree of cognitive impairment, ongoing challenging behaviours and comorbid health problems.