Locked Recovery Service


A further three locked wards on site provide multidisciplinary care following a recovery model for 53 patients not requiring the physical security of a low secure unit but who do require enhanced relational and procedural security to provide a safe, locked and carefully managed care environment due to the potential risk posed to other people arising as a result of their mental disorder.

The Locked Recovery Service functions as a step down facility for the Low Secure Unit but may also admit patients directly from the community, where appropriate. Patients are almost always detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.

Cowdray Ward
Cowdray Ward is an 8 bedded Initial Assessment and Intensive Care/ High Dependency ward. It is situated on the ground floor of the unit with its own secure garden area. Most patients admitted to the Locked Recovery Service from the community will be initially cared for on this ward before transfer to the other wards based on their individual needs.

Petworth Ward
This ward provides 15 beds for patients who suffer from mental illness and/or personality disorder. There is a focus on encouraging patients to maximise their functionality where possible. Patients may have evidence of mild cognitive impairments. It is situated on the first floor of the hospital. 

Park House Unit
Park House Unit is a 30 bedded purpose built unit for patients continuing their recovery pathways in a hospital setting. There are two separate wards,

  • Park House ward has 18 beds for individuals with significant cognitive impairment associated with significant nursing needs on account of the degree of their dementia and physical frailties but who remain a risk to other frailer patients on account of their behaviours; and
  • Goodwood ward, a 12 bedded facility which opened in April 2016. Patients on Goodwood ward typically continue to suffer with functional mental illness which is also associated with increasing cognitive impairments and physical frailty. The therapeutic milieu allows a focus on maintaining functionality and ensuring that quality of life is maximised.

Both these wards are on the ground floor with access to their own gardens.