About Us


The ethos of St Magnus is the delivery of individualised person-centred care in an environment that is safe, structured and respectful of each individual. Treatment begins with a comprehensive and holistic assessment of each patient’s mental health, physical health and security needs. This involves a thorough assessment of behavioural risks, mental health related risks, physical health risks (e.g. falls, nutritional problems), and forensic risk for those who have already committed offences or who are at risk of committing offences in the future.

The initial assessment informs the most appropriate diagnoses and formulation of the individual patient’s needs. This in turn leads to planning individualised treatment and care plans based on evidence-based practice. The principles of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) are applied throughout the therapeutic process, thus enabling the involvement of patients and individuals and agencies relevant to the patient’s care. The participation of carers and family members is encouraged at all stages of the process.

The patient’s progress and outcomes of the treatments and care provided are regularly monitored and assessed. Both clinical judgement and structured standardised validated outcome measures and scales are used for this purpose. Regular auditing of the treatments, care and services against local and national standards are carried out.